How does the Science Based Six Pack Intermittent Fasting protocol work?

Intermittent fasting, also known as “fasting and feasting,” has over the years been mistaken with self-starving.

In a world where the smell of food is all about the environment, it has become challenging to even skip a single meal in the name of staying healthy. The usual three-square-meal a day pattern of feeding is now more of a cultural reinforcement than a biological necessity.

Intermittent fasting plays a large role in how Science Based Six Pack works for fat loss. This part of the system is where your meals are scheduled so that the hormonal benefits of caloric intake are maximized. The main purpose of this program is to help men burn belly fat and get six pack abs, so it’s obvious why Thomas Delauer incorporates intermittent fasting with this nutrition and exercise plan.

It involves skipping a meal (majorly breakfast) or instead pushing it to later times in the day and feasting at night. An example of an effective intermittent fasting plan is where fasting takes place for 16 hours and then a 8 hour window of feasting is opened.

The process of food transit in the body takes 4 hours on average. Within this time, the body undergoes three states

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  1. Fed state:
  2. This is the state where digestion and absorption of food take place.

    It starts when you begin eating and lasts for 3-5 hours as your body absorbs and digests the food.

    Usually when you’re in this state it’s hard for your body to burn fat since your insulin levels are so high.

  3. Post absorptive state:
  4. This happens after the fed state and lasts until 8-12 hour after your last meal.

    In this condition, your body isn’t processing any meals.

  5. Fasted state:
  6. In this state, it’s easy for your body to burn fat since your insulin levels in your body are low.

Since it takes 12 hours for our bodies to enter fasted state, it’s usually rare that our bodies are in a fasted state. This is the reason why people who utilized the Science Based Six Pack intermittent fasting protocol lose fat in a short period of time without changing their diet.

Despite any myths you’ve been told about intermittent fasting, you’re body will experience significant benefits from fasting on a regular basis. Intermittent fasting enhances the body’s ability to burn fat which is rarely experienced during a normal “three meals per a day” feeding schedule.

This is why the intermittent fasting schedule in the Science Based Six Pack program is such an effective system for fat loss. Pairing the fasting component up with the nutrition plan and exercise portion of Thomas Delauer’s course creates a perfect three point attack on body fat levels.

Click the link below to see Thomas Delauer explain more benefits of intermittent fasting and how pairing it up with the nutrition and exercise portion of his Science Based Six Pack program can help you get in the best shape of your life.

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