What Makes Science Based Six Pack Different?

There are many diets and weight loss plans that promise results; however they don’t always work. The Science Based Six Pack plan works differently than any other program on the market to help you get in shape and to lose weight. We work with your body and allow you to enjoy delicious meals, with less than 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Our plan allows you to avoid storing fat, by having specified eating periods. This helps to slowly and safely raise your insulin levels which help you burn fat at a faster rate, while still eating what you love. With specific guidelines and set eating periods you never lose out on your chance to lose weight.

We offer two different paths within the Science Based Six Pack program that you can follow:

  • The Fast Track
  • The fast track helps you get healthy and lose weight quickly and efficiently. This plan is for men who are already eating healthy and who are used to planning and preparing their meals in advance.

  • The Base Track
  • The base plan is for men who are inexperienced with dieting, and want to continue eating what they like. This track is more flexible than the fast track and more suitable for men who are not used to dieting or preparing meals ahead of time.

Regardless of which track you decide to follow, you’ll be following a simple 90 day plan that is broken down in 3 easy to follow phases. You can learn more about the 3 phases of the program and how it works here.

The last step to the plan is our 9 full body workout plan. These workouts range from 20 to 25 minutes and require no equipment.

Our workouts are incredibly easy to do at home, and we implement “time under tension” which helps increase fat loss and glycogen depletion.

The Science Based Six Pack plan is designed to help men lose fat quickly and safely with nutrition and exercise while paying no attention to the intermittent fasting myths, to reveal your abs under the flab.

Unlike other plans we work with you to help you fast correctly, and exercise during your optimal periods, while still eating your favorite foods. Our plan will get you to your ideal weight faster.

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