How Does Science Based Six Pack Work


The Science Based Six Pack is a 90 day diet and nutrition course broken up into three easy to follow 30 day phases. The following information will give you a birds eye view of what you can expect from the three thirty day phases of Thomas Delauer’s program.

  • Phase 1: Meta Shift
  • The first phase of Science Based Six Pack allows you to indoctrinate intermittent fasting into your life so your body becomes metabolically efficient without compromising muscle mass or your metabolism.

  • Phase 2: Meta Burn
  • The second thirty day phase incorporates more carbohydrates into the “Fast Break Strategy” to further feed your metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

  • Phase 3: Meta Keto
  • In the final phase of Thomas Delauer’s program fat intake will be increased so that your body becomes “fat-adapted” – or ketogenic. Keto diets facilitate greater fat loss in humans as an absence of dietary carbohydrate forces the body to oxidize fat as its primary energy source.

Chances are you’ve heard at least a few untrue myths about intermittent fasting through the grape vine. If you aren’t convinced about the benefits of fasting for weight loss and improved physical and mental health you may want to consider the scientific evidence that supports the Science Based Six Pack intermittent fasting principles.

If you’ve tried a nutrition and exercise program in the past and have found it to be either ineffective or difficult to stick it may be time to learn more about what makes Science Based Six Pack different and why Thomas Delauer’s program may be your golden ticket to six pack abs.

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